Instructor  Jeffrey L. Seif, Th.B., M.T.S., D.Min

Course contains 16 sessions of about 25 minutes each.

Course Description and Purpose

This course will briefly survey Luke-Acts with particular focus on the rise of the early Messianic Jewish faith, its practice and experience. Additionally, we will concentrate on the expansion of the movement beyond Israel's borders and out into the larger Greco-Roman world from the first through fourth centuries.  

The course focuses on Luke's cosmopolitan telling of the life and teaching of Jesus/Yeshua, and that of the earliest communities of His followers. The Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts (Luke II) concentrate on the telling of early church history. Upon completion, students will be better able to understand Luke 's word and world, as with Paul's –– the one for whom he is writing.


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The Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts.