The SMT course instructors are comprised of highly trained scholastic teachers with outstanding credentials, decades of combined educational experience and a passion for Yeshua and Messianic Jewish movement.  The instructors emphasize the Jewish roots of the Christian faith as found in the Hebrew Scriptures.

Among these instructors are:


Rabbi Jamie Cowen

Jamie Cowen is rabbi of Tikvat Israel Messianic Jewish Congregation in Richmond, Virginia, and former president of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC). After college he went to law school, and then on to Capitol Hill where he took a position in the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. During his Washington tenure Jamie became Chief Counsel for a U.S. Senate subcommittee. In 1988, he enrolled in a Messianic Jewish seminary which eventually led to his current position as rabbi of Tikvat Israel Congregation.

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Rabbi Jerry Miller

Jerry Miller is the rabbi of Beth Judah Messianic Congregation in Ormond Beach, Florida.  He has been married for 34 years to Jo (Patton) Miller.  They have two children and three grandchildren.  Jerry received his formal education from University of Maryland, where he graduated in 1973 with a BA in American Studies.  He has also taken numerous courses through Messiah Biblical Institute in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and more recently has been taking classes in the Messianic Jewish Studies program at Kings Seminary in Van Nuys, California.  Jerry has been part of the Messianic movement since personally coming to faith in Yeshua as Messiah.

Jerry was born in 1951 in Cleveland, Ohio, where he grew up in a Reform Jewish family.  He graduated from the University of Maryland in 1973.  Two years later, during a time of personal searching for spiritual truth, Jerry came to the conclusion that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah of Israel and the Savior of all mankind.  From 1976 until 1979 he worked with the Messianic Jewish Movement International, where he served as business manager and host of The Messianic Jewish Hour radio program.  From 1979 until 1987 he worked as business manager of the Messianic Vision syndicated radio program.  From 1987 until 2000, Jerry was the Associate Pastor of Beth Messiah Congregation in the Washington, DC area.  In 2000, Jerry and his family moved to Central Florida, where he assumed the senior leadership role at Beth Judah Messianic Congregation in Ormond Beach.

Jerry’s primary gifting is in the areas of pastoral ministry and teaching.  He has served as a professor at Messiah Biblical Institute in Gaithersburg, Maryland, teaching classes in Biblical Hebrew, numerous courses in New Testament studies and practical spiritual life issues.  He has also served as an instructor for short-term courses for the Messianic Jewish Bible Institutes in Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Argentina, South Korea, and Ethiopia, where he has taught courses in Messianic Jewish Theology, Messianic Jewish Life and Practice, Congregational Government, and Romans-Galatians.  He has also taught at the missions-oriented Gateways Training Schools in Cyprus as well as in Spokane, Washington.

Jerry is motivated by three primary passions.  First, is his heart to see believers fully equipped for living and walking in the grace and power of life in the Spirit.  Second is his desire to see the Church and the Messianic movement growing together in relationship and mutual blessing, as a part of God’s work to bring deepening unity among all believers in Jesus, thus hastening the day of Messiah’s return.  Third is to see the Church grow in understanding and burden for the plan of God for Israel and the Jewish people.

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Professor Rabbi Daniel Juster, Th.D.

Daniel Juster, Professor B. A. Philosophy, Wheaton College; M. Div., McCormick Theological Seminary; Graduate Study (1969-1971), Trinity Ev. Divinity School; Th. D., New Covenant International Seminary.  Dr. Juster was the leader of Adat HaTikvah in Chicago, 1972-1978; Beth Messiah Metro, Washington, D. C., 1978-2000; President and General Secretary of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations, 1979-1988; Director Tikkun International, 1984-present.  Appointment as adjunct professor, Fuller Theological Seminary, the King’s College and Seminary, and Messianic Jewish Bible Institute.  Rabbi Juster is the author of several books.  He lives half time in Israel.

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Dr. Jeffrey L. Seif

Jeffrey L. Seif was born into a German-Jewish family on 9 November 1955. He was raised in a typical American Jewish household, save the fact that he was sent off to go to school in a Yeshiva—an Orthodox Jewish training school. Though raised with a “traditional” Jewish upbringing, Jeff eventually came to a saving faith in Jesus, subsequent to which he experienced a “call” into vocational Gospel ministry.

Jeff eventually went to school to prepare for the ministerial vocation, taking studies at the Moody Bible Institute, Trinity College, the Graduate Theological Foundation and then the theological Seminary at Southern Methodist University where he took both a master’s degree and doctorate. Jeff served as a missionary with the American Board of Missions to the Jews, and has held pastorates and other ministry posts for well over twenty-five years.

In addition, Jeff serves as the church-plant pastor and senior pastor of Prince of Peace, Mansfield, Texas. Dr. Seif served as the pastoral leader at Zola Levitt Ministries, a nationally-syndicated television concern, teaching the faith’s Jewish roots and more.

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Rabbi Jonathan Bernis

A Jewish believer in Yeshua (Jesus), Jonathan Bernis is Executive Director of Jewish Voice Ministries International. JVMI’s mission, in accord with Romans 1:16 is to proclaim the gospel “to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile” throughout the world. The Good News is proclaimed through television, radio and large scale Messianic Outreach Festivals.

More than 500,000 people have attended these vibrant Hear O’ Israel! Festivals throughout Eastern Europe, India, Africa and South America. Millions more have participated via live television broadcasts. Thousands have responded to altar calls, and about one third of those who have responded have been Jewish. Over a dozen new Messianic Jewish Congregations have been birthed in the Former Soviet Union through these outreaches. JVMI also partners with several other Messianic ministries to establish and operate Messianic Jewish Bible Institutes around the world to train leaders for Jewish Ministry.

Jonathan hosts a weekly television program called Jewish Voice Today, which is aired throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. The program teaches Christians about the Jewish roots of their faith and seeks to impart a love for Israel and the Jewish people. Believers are taught the importance of proclaiming the Gospel to Jewish People and learn how to effectively share their faith with Jewish friends and acquaintances.

Jonathan is the founding Rabbi of Shema Yisrael Messianic Congregation in Rochester, New York where he served as Senior Messianic Rabbi from 1984 to 1993. He also founded and pastored the Messianic Center of St. Petersburg, Russia where he lived and ministered from 1993 to 1996. He now travels extensively worldwide, bringing the Gospel to both Jews and Gentiles, equipping believers with a deeper knowledge of the Jewish roots of their faith and teaching them how to reach Jewish people with the Good News.

A much sought after speaker, Jonathan teaches at conferences, seminars and in local congregations worldwide. He is a prominent leader in the Messianic movement and serves on the board of over a dozen other ministries. He is a contributing editor for Charisma magazine, where his column, “Ask The Rabbi” appears bi-monthly.

Jonathan holds University degrees in Judaism and Early Christianity, and has done extensive post graduate study including work on archeological excavations in Israel. He has led over 30 teaching tours throughout the Holy Land since 1984.

He resides in Phoenix with his wife, Elisangela, and their daughter, Liel Gabriella.

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Rabbi Marty Waldman

Marty Waldman is the Senior Rabbi of Baruch HaShem Messianic Synagogue in Dallas, Texas. His calling into full-time service to the Messiah led him to obtain degrees from Dallas Bible College and the UMJC Yeshiva, who conferred upon him Smicha (Rabbinic ordination) as Rabbi.

From a small beginning of approximately 20 original members, Baruch HaShem has grown into one of the larger Messianic congregations in the world. The congregation has also branched out by helping to plant Messianic congregations in Texas, and other U.S. locations, as well as sending and supporting laborers into the harvest fields of Israel and the nations.

Baruch HaShem is connected nationally and internationally to many other Messianic works and congregations. Rabbi Waldman serves the TJCII initiative as Executive General Secretary. He has previously served on the Promise Keepers’ Board of Directors and served for two terms as President of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC). In his earlier years, Rabbi Waldman served with Chosen People Ministries before founding Baruch HaShem Synagogue.

Marty is the son of Holocaust survivors, and grew up in a traditionally Jewish home. His spiritual search led him down many paths before he finally came to the Truth. Marty accepted Yeshua as his Messiah in January of 1975, and soon after was given the heart to share the gospel among his Jewish brethren. Marty and Marleen have been involved with Jewish ministry for many years before planting Baruch HaShem Synagogue. They have three wonderful children and three grandchildren.

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Reverend Raymond L. Gannon, Ph.D.

Dr. Ray Gannon, 62, has been involved in widespread Jewish evangelism, Messianic synagogue planting, and Bible college and seminary teaching ministries over the past 40 years.  After successful Jewish evangelism and discipling ministry in the early 1970s, Ray pioneered his first Messianic congregation in 1973 in Los Angeles.  Gannon opened new Jewish outreaches in the San Francisco Bay Area from 1975 to 1979, and later pioneered and pastored Messianic congregations in Long Island (1980) and Queens (1983) as well as directing Beth Emanuel Fellowship in Northeast Philadelphia from 1983 to 1988.

Before moving to Jerusalem to co-pastor King of Kings Assembly in 1989, Dr. Gannon taught missions and Jewish studies at Central Bible College, Valley Forge Christian College, and the Christ for the Nations Biblical Institute (New York campus).  Upon arrival in Jerusalem, Ray pioneered the Israel College of the Bible which provided the first successful, on-going, and fully-accredited Bible college for Israelis.  Soon he opened special language departments for Jewish immigrants both Russian and Ethiopian.

Dr. Gannon holds graduate degrees from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (M.A. and M.Div.), Princeton Theological Seminary (Th.M. in Church History), and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Ph.D. in History), among others.  Ray’s dissertation topic was “The Shifting Romance with Israel:  American Pentecostal Ideology of Zionism and the Jewish State.”  Gannon was awarded the Hebrew University’s highest academic distinction of Summa Cum Laude upon graduation.

Ray and Kassiani, his wife of 43 years, returned from Israel in 2003 to assume the post of National Representative for Jewish Ministries with the Assemblies of God.  In 2007 Ray was asked by Jonathan Bernis and Jewish Voice to spearhead the new Messianic Jewish Studies program at The King’s University, where Jack Hayford serves as Founder and Chancellor.  The Messianic Jewish Studies program officially launched in Fall 2007.  An excellent Messianic faculty has been established with nearly all holding earned doctoral degrees.

In addition to serving as Visiting Professor of Missions and Jewish Studies at AGTS from 1996, Ray has been published in numerous Christian and Messianic periodicals, has authored a column in Enrichment Journal entitled, “The Church and the Chosen People,” and is a member of several academic societies.  He has held ordination with the Assemblies of God since 1974.

Ray and Kassiani Gannon are the parents of three adult children, two of whom are in full-time Jewish ministries in Missouri and Arizona.  They take great family pride in their eleven grandchildren.

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