SMT Frequently Asked Questions

1.How long are the courses?
Each course will offer you 16 separate teachings of 25 minutes each in the form of video streaming classes with supplemental reading selections and valuable student interaction opportunities.

2. May I have my materials sent by post or download and may I return my exams by the same media?
Not at this time. SMT program is only available online, although this might change in the future. For more information please email us at smt@mjbi.org

3. What are the requirements for earning a Certificate?
Each course module successfully completed will give you 3 SMT credits and a Certificate of Completion. Our SMT Certificate program for 12 core courses will begin in 2012. 36 SMT credits will required to complete first part of the program.

4. What is the first course that I need to take? Is there any order or priority in taking courses?
Students are not bound to any order and may pursue courses at their discretion. However, to receive credits toward academic awards, all course requirements must be met.

5.  What is available in a course?
Courses are designed to simulate a classroom experience. A course includes high-quality video of each lecture, thorough study notes, required reading, student discussions, staff-student interaction, and graded tests.

6. How long do I have access to the course material?
You will be able to access each course for three(3) months from the time of your enrollment.

7. How does the exam system work?
The exam link is under each Module on the course menu. The time limit is stated on your exam. Exams consist of a set of multiple-choice or true or false questions. When completed, review your answers and click "submit all and finish." Your exam grade will be posted on your user report within six (6) hours of taking the exam. If your score is below 70, you should plan to re-take the exam after more study.

8. Is there a time limit for taking exams?
There is a time limit for each exam. The time limit is different for different exams and is stated at the top of your exam page. Students may take an exam three (3) times to receive a passing grade.

9. Am I permitted to view my Bible or notes during exams?

10.  Is there a time limit to complete course material?
Students are allowed to complete courses at their own pace with the understanding that once enrolled in any particular class, they should complete it within a three (3) month period. A student is un-enrolled automatically from any class in which there is no activity for ninety days. A student is no longer considered to have "active" status if there is no activity for six (6) months.

11. When are the courses available?
You can begin a course at any time and work through the material whenever it is convenient for your schedule. Once you begin a course, you will have 3 months to view the lectures and complete all assignments for that individual course. You have the freedom to work at your own pace and when it is convenient for you within this time frame.

12. May more than one person take a course on one registration?
No. Because these classes apply towards SMT points, each student must view the courses and complete their assignments individually

13. Can I copy the course material?
No. While the lectures and the notes available for download are yours to keep, we ask that you keep them for your personal use only.

14. How do I receive credit for the courses I take?
We will retain a record of your completed courses and your final grade.

15. Do you offer group discounts?
Minimum of 3 students. Please click here for more information.

16. I would like to view some of your material before enrolling. Is this possible?
Yes, from time to time some courses can be accessed by registering with SMT. To open the course, on the SMT homepage click "create new account" to access the course. Feel free to explore the different aspects of the course to help decide if further study is of interest to you.

17. I am having problems with the videos, what do I do?
Check your internet connection, et the video buffer before watching, use a different web-browser or try restarting your machine.

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